Digital Forensics Unit

In 2001 the Port Authority Police Department saw a tremendous increase in fraud related crime investigations. In the processing of these types of cases numerous computers were being seized for their evidentiary value and then sent out for processing. Unfortunately, the processing time of the evidence was up to one year. In an effort to expedite the processing of digital evidence the “Computer Forensics Unit” was formed. Over the years the unit’s responsibilities have grown and evolved from not only processing computers, but also processing video, audio, and most recently cell phones evidence. The unit was renamed in 2005 to its current title “Digital Forensics Unit.” The officers within this unit have received training at numerous educational facilities throughout the country including the National White Collar Crime Center and the Law Enforcement and Emergency Services Video Association. The unit currently consists of two investigators, Sgt. Shawn Hudzinski and Officer Kevin Atkins. The unit processes evidence for not only Port Authority Police related cases but regularly assists and supports other agencies in the seizure and processing of digital evidence. Please feel free to contact the Digital Forensics Unit at (412) 255-1391 to report or request assistance with criminal activity involving digital evidence seizure or processing.


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