Port Authority Transit Police are committed to a philosophy of community oriented policing. Our goal is to be more accessible to, and accepted by, the communities in which our transit system operates throughout Allegheny County, while providing more efficient and effective service to our riders.

One of the major objectives to our community policing efforts is to establish an active partnership between police and communities to resolve issues, and help implement solutions and services that are truly community-based. This requires us as police officers to make a conscious effort to create an atmosphere in which community partners actively and willingly co-operate with the police.

This is done through a variety of initiatives; The Port Authority Transit Police are actively involved with the F.B.I. "Adopt a School" program. A program based on volunteers and or police officers acting as role models and mentors for students, stressing the importance of obtaining a good education, living healthy, drug free, and abstaining from violent and criminal behavior. We are also involved with community law enforcement based programs such as Camp Cadet. This program is designed to give boys and girls, ages 12 thru 14 an opportunity to learn about law enforcement while living in an atmosphere similar to police training academy. "The Charlie Check First", "Taking Care of Business", "Bully Prevention", and "Social Networking Internet Safety Instruction" are also programs we take pride in being part of. It is through these various programs, that the Port Authority Transit Police can address the needs and concerns of the riders in the communities we serve.


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